How to Edit a PDF in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Editing a PDF in Word is a simple task that can be accomplished in just a few steps. First, open Word and select ‘Open’ to find your PDF file. Word will convert the PDF to an editable format. From there, you can make changes to the text, add or remove images, and adjust formatting as needed. When you’re done, save the document as a Word file or export it as a new PDF.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Edit a PDF in Word

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to understand that when you convert a PDF into a Word document, it might not look exactly the same. This is because PDFs and Word documents are formatted differently. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to edit the content just fine.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word

Open Microsoft Word on your computer. Make sure you have an updated version that supports PDF editing.

When you open Word, you’ll be greeted with a start screen where you can choose to open a new document or an existing one. For editing a PDF, we’ll need to open the existing PDF file in Word.

Step 2: Select ‘Open’ and Find Your PDF File

Go to the ‘Open’ section and browse your computer to find the PDF file you want to edit.

Once you find your file, click to select it, and then click ‘Open’. Word will then start converting the PDF into an editable Word document. This may take a few moments, depending on the size and complexity of the PDF.

Step 3: Edit Your Document

After the conversion, the PDF will appear as a Word document and you can start editing.

You can add or delete text, change fonts, insert images, and do everything else you’d normally do in a Word document. Just remember, the formatting may be a little different from the original PDF.

Step 4: Save Your Document

Once you’re finished editing, you can save the document as a Word file or export it as a new PDF.

To save as a Word document, simply go to ‘File’, then ‘Save As’, and choose where you want to save it on your computer. To export as a PDF, go to ‘File’, then ‘Save As’, and select ‘PDF’ from the list of file types.

After you complete these steps, you’ll have a new Word document or PDF with the edits you made. It’s that simple!

Tips for Editing a PDF in Word

  • Always make a backup of the original PDF before you start editing, just in case something goes wrong.
  • If the formatting is off after conversion, use Word’s formatting tools to adjust the layout and appearance.
  • Be aware that some elements from the PDF, like signatures or special graphics, might not convert perfectly.
  • If you need to edit a PDF frequently, consider investing in a dedicated PDF editing software for more advanced features.
  • Remember to proofread your edited document before saving or exporting to catch any errors or formatting issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the PDF is password protected?

If the PDF is password-protected, you’ll need to enter the password to open it in Word. If you don’t have the password, you won’t be able to edit the PDF.

Can I edit a scanned PDF in Word?

Editing a scanned PDF can be tricky, as Word may not be able to convert it into an editable format. For scanned documents, you might need OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to convert the text into something editable.

Will the edited PDF look the same as the original?

There may be some differences in formatting, but you can use Word’s tools to adjust the appearance and layout of your document.

Can I save the edited file as a PDF again?

Yes, after editing, you can save the Word document as a new PDF file. This option is available in the ‘Save As’ menu.

Does Word support all PDFs for editing?

Most PDFs will work, but some complex PDFs with advanced formatting might not convert perfectly.


  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Select ‘Open’ and find your PDF file.
  3. Edit your document using Word’s features.
  4. Save your document as a Word file or export it as a new PDF.


Editing a PDF in Word is a handy skill to have, especially if you don’t have access to specialized PDF editing software. The process is simple and straightforward, making it accessible for anyone with basic knowledge of Microsoft Word. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily convert and edit your PDF files, ensuring that your documents look just the way you want them. Just remember, while Word is a powerful tool, it may not preserve the original formatting of the PDF perfectly. So, always double-check your document before saving or sharing it. Happy editing!