What is HTML5? Demos, Examples and free HTML5 Cheat Sheet.

HTML5 is the next level revision of the core HTML standard, The Combined of HTML5 and CSS 3 makes the great websites/web applications with ease. HTML5 introduces a number of new elements and attributes that reflect typical usage on modern websites.

The Main Features of HTML5:

•    The canvas element for immediate mode 2D drawing.
•    Timed media playback
•    Offline storage database (offline web applications).
•    Document editing
•    Drag-and-drop
•    Cross-document messaging
•    Browser history management
•    MIME type and protocol handler registration.
•    Microdata
•    Geolocation
•    Web SQL Database, a local SQL Database.
•    The Indexed Database API, an indexed hierarchical key-value store (formerly WebSimpleDB).

what is html5?

,  website that is sharing a list of beautiful HTML5 demos and examples.

The list includes items using HTML5 features like video, audio, canvas, geolocation, drag’n drop, web storage and more.

Download the cheat sheet for free!

HTML5 Demos & Examples: http://html5demos.com/

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