How to Turn Off the Screensaver on Amazon Fire TV Stick: A Guide

Tired of your Amazon Fire TV Stick screensaver popping up while you’re trying to binge-watch your favorite series? Fortunately, turning off the screensaver on your Fire TV Stick is a simple process that requires just a few clicks on your remote. After reading this brief guide, you’ll be able to disable the screensaver and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Step by Step Tutorial: Turning Off Screensaver on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to understand that disabling your screensaver will prevent it from automatically displaying images when your Fire TV Stick is idle. This can be useful if you find the screensaver distracting or if you want to keep the screen on a static image.

Step 1: Access Settings

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu on your Fire TV Stick home screen.

In ‘Settings,’ you’ll find various options to customize your Fire TV Stick experience. For this task, we’re interested in the display and sound settings.

Step 2: Select Display & Sounds

Choose ‘Display & Sounds’ from the ‘Settings’ menu.

Within ‘Display & Sounds,’ you’ll have the option to adjust screen resolution, audio settings, and more. Look for the screensaver settings here.

Step 3: Open Screensaver Settings

Click on ‘Screensaver’ to view the available screensaver options.

The ‘Screensaver’ section allows you to select different screensaver themes, adjust the start time, and more.

Step 4: Change Start Time

Select ‘Start Time’ and choose ‘Never’ to turn off the screensaver.

By setting the ‘Start Time’ to ‘Never,’ you’re telling your Fire TV Stick never to activate the screensaver, allowing your screen to remain on the content you’re viewing.

After completing these steps, your Amazon Fire TV Stick will no longer display the screensaver. Instead, your screen will stay on whatever content you were last viewing until you manually turn off your TV or Fire TV Stick.

Tips for Managing Your Screensaver on Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • Regularly check for software updates, as they may reset your screensaver settings.
  • Consider setting a shorter start time for the screensaver if you’re worried about screen burn-in.
  • Explore different screensaver themes for a personalized touch when you do use the screensaver.
  • Use the screensaver as a digital photo frame by uploading your pictures.
  • Remember to turn off your TV if you’re leaving it idle for long periods to save energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a screensaver?

A screensaver is a feature that displays images or animations on your screen when it’s idle.

Screensavers were originally designed to prevent screen burn-in on older monitors. Today, they serve more of an aesthetic purpose or display information when your device is not in use.

Can turning off the screensaver cause screen burn-in?

Yes, leaving static images on your screen for prolonged periods can lead to screen burn-in.

However, modern LED and LCD screens are less susceptible to burn-in compared to older CRT monitors. If you have an OLED TV, you should be more cautious as they are more prone to burn-in.

Will disabling the screensaver save energy?

Not necessarily, as the TV still consumes power when the screen is on.

Turning off your screensaver won’t save energy unless you also turn off your TV. The screensaver itself doesn’t use a significant amount of power.

Can I customize the screensaver on my Fire TV Stick?

Yes, you can choose different themes or use your photos as a screensaver.

Customizing your screensaver can add a personal touch to your Fire TV Stick. You can select from pre-installed themes or upload your own images.

How do I reset my screensaver settings?

Navigate to the screensaver settings and adjust the options to your preference.

If you’ve changed your mind and want the screensaver back, simply follow the steps above and set the ‘Start Time’ to your desired duration.


  1. Access Settings from the Fire TV Stick home screen.
  2. Select Display & Sounds.
  3. Open Screensaver Settings.
  4. Change Start Time to Never.


Disabling the screensaver on your Amazon Fire TV Stick is a straightforward process that can enhance your viewing experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to keep your screen focused on your chosen content without interruption. While screensavers can be fun and even useful for turning your TV into a digital photo frame, there are times when you just want to keep things simple. Whether you’re hosting a party and want the music selection on display, or you’re knee-deep in a thrilling show and don’t want to be distracted, knowing how to turn off the screensaver gives you control over your entertainment system. So go ahead, make the adjustment and dive back into your favorite shows and movies on your Amazon Fire TV Stick without any pesky screensaver pop-ups.